Looks Write - Exploring Letter Shapes

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Exploring Letter Shapes

The Word Wizard Writing schemes support children to develop their reading and writing skills by exploring the sounds and shapes of the English language.

This companion book includes guidance and reference materials to help teachers and parents support children to explore the shapes of written English.

Every letter is broken down into basic shapes. Children can develop their writing skills by tracing the basic shapes with their Word Wand. They can then combine the shapes into complete letter forms.

This book includes guidance on:

  • Creating a Word Wand
  • Different styles of pencil grip
  • Introducing the magic pencil grip position
  • Activities for strengthening the pencil grip
  • Using a Word Wand

Guides are provided for:

  • Lowercase print letters
  • Cursive handwriting
  • Uppercase
  • Numbers

Examples are also provided for different styles of handwriting and type.

Also includes a history of English writing and how handwriting has been taught through the ages.

The Word Wizard Writing schemes are designed for teachers, parents and home educators to be able to teach handwriting to children without the need for specialist training.

This book is part of a series of three books that provide a background to the teaching of phonics and handwriting. The other books are Sounds Write (exploring the sounds of spoken and written language) and Speaks Write (building spoken vocabulary and grammar).

Teaching resources including free planning can be found here.