Speaks Write - Building Vocabulary for Phonics

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Featuring The Phonics Dictionary

The Wizzy Word Writing schemes support children to develop their reading and writing skills by exploring the sounds and shapes of the English language.

Developing children's spoken vocabulary and grammar is critical for them to effectively use phonics.

This book includes the 'Phonics Dictionary' featuring words used in the Wizzy Word Phonics scheme. Each word includes a definition along with a symbol or imaged designed to provoke a discussion about how the word may be used in spoken language.

A useful resource for educators and parents that are planning a phonics programme and a brilliant reference for consolidating children's learning at the later stages of their phonics development.

Over 550 words, fully illustrated with definitions and guidance.

The Wizzy Word Writing schemes are designed for teachers, parents and home educators to be able to teach handwriting to children without the need for specialist training.

This book is part of a series of three books that provide a background to the teaching of phonics and handwriting. The other books are Sounds Write (exploring the sounds of spoken and written language) and Looks Write (exploring letter shapes and handwriting).

Teaching resources including free planning can be found here.