Learn to Read - Home Learning Edition

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Learn to Read at Home

Help your child become a Word Wizard by learning the magic symbols we use to transmit thoughts from person to person.

This complete reading scheme introduces children to the letters, sounds and words that provide their foundation for becoming readers and writers.

Designed for home learning and small group work to work through progressively with your child. With each new letter your child can:

  • Explore the sound
  • Explore the shapes
  • See how the letter fits into a word alongside other letters they have learned
  • Discuss ways of using new words in spoken language

Make a Word Wand and learn the shapes of letters. Explore the mouth shapes used to speak letter sounds. Build your personal word bank and develop spoken vocabulary by experimenting with spoken sentences and learning about ways of using new words.

This book includes all the consonant phonemes, short vowels and some long vowels. It includes exception words taught at the Foundation Stage and lots of consolidation words for reinforcing your child’s learning. Includes variations for British-English and US-English.

Note: This home learning edition of Word Wizard Phonics is designed for one-on-one teaching (or very small groups). For class based learning please see the teaching resources available here.