Sounds Write - Phonics & Speech Sounds

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Switching Children on to Sounds

This book includes guidance and reference materials to help teachers and parents support children to develop their early reading and writing skills by exploring the sounds of the English language.

The book features a pronunciation guide including descriptions of sounds, mouth shapes and teaching guidance for all of the phonemes taught at the Expected and Advanced stages for the Foundation Level of the Wizzy Word Phonics scheme.

Contents include:

  • How we make word sounds
  • Games for helping children explore the sounds of language
  • How we connect sounds to written symbols
  • Strategies for connecting Sounds and symbols
  • Grapheme-Phoneme correspondence
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet including tables for British-English and US-English
  • Rhythms, patterns & sounds of spoken English
  • Mouth shapes for consonants and vowel sounds
  • Blending & segmenting

The Wizzy Word Phonics scheme is designed for teachers, parents and home educators to be able to teach phonics to children without the need for specialist training. With Wizzy Word Phonics children explore deconstructed letters shapes, consider mouth shapes, sounds and rhythms of spoken language and build their personal word bank.

This book is part of a series of three books that provide a background to the teaching of phonics and handwriting. The other books are Looks Write (exploring letter shapes and handwriting) and Speaks Write (building spoken vocabulary and grammar).

Teaching resources including free planning can be found here.