Stage 1 Story Writer

An Introduction to Handwriting

Stage 1 Story Writer is a pre-writing writing activity!

It’s intended to be used BEFORE children begin to develop their formal handwriting skills and shortly after they have begun to learn phonics (after they have completed Expected Set 4 of the Word Wizard Phonics scheme).

The activity involves children having a go at writing sentences as part of an overall story. They are not ‘taught’ to write but are instead asked to dive straight in and just give it a go.

The aim is to focus on handwriting as an enjoyable activity while also providing a baseline for children’s writing skills. When the story has been completed children will be able to see the progress they have made having received only minimal guidance. This helps them to recognise how their skills develop and equips them with confidence prior to beginning their structured handwriting lessons.

Stage 2 Story Writer can be used later in the year to provide a final record of children’s overall writing (and phonics) progress.

Both resources provide a lasting memento for teachers (and children) and lots of evidence for teachers.

Guidance and examples for this resource is available here.

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