Word Wizard: Cursive Handwriting Scheme


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Learn to write in cursive

Learn to write letters and create magic spells!

The Word Wizard Handwriting approach:

  • make yourself a word wand
  • trace the animated shapes with your word wand
  • see how to combine the shapes to create a letter
  • develop your writing grip with vertical writing activities
  • follow the witch with your word wand
  • master your writing skills with horizontal writing activities
  • write the letter with letters you have previously learned to create a magic spell

Every letter includes:

  • Animated slides
  • Vertical writing activities
  • Horizontal writing activities
  • Progressive writing sheets

Each letter has been deconstructed into simple shapes. Children develop their muscle memory by tracing the shapes and then combining them to form a letter.

Shapes can be used for warm-up activities and building writing confidence.

Trace letters and shapes with the animated slides.

Organise a carousel of writing challenges with vertical and horizontal writing activity stations. Children have a go at each challenge and then move on.

Master the magic grip position to develop a comfortable writing grip.

Each new letter is placed into a word featuring letters that children have previously learned to consolidate their prior learning and help them understand the relationship between letters and words.

Guidance and examples for using the scheme is here.

Word Wizard Handwriting can be integrated with Word Wizard Phonics or used independently.

Word Wizard Handwriting is available in cursive, lowercase print and uppercase and numbers.