Advanced Set 2 Planning: Vowels ie oe & Split Digraphs i_e o_e

Activities in Advanced Set 2 include:

  • learning the vowel sounds ie (as in pie) and oe (as in toe)
  • exploring letter shapes and their variations
  • looking at letters in the context of words
  • learning how to convert a word with a digraph into a split digraph
  • discussing words that can be made with the letters children have learned
  • having a go at forming Word Lines including making split digraphs
  • writing words on Word Maker sheets

Details on how to order Advanced Set 2 are here.

Advanced Set 1 is also included in the Complete Advanced Phonics Set.

Note this is intended to be a simplified introduction to split digraphs for younger children. For a more thorough resource with more detailed guidance and multiple examples please see the full version of the Split Digraph Wizard (particularly suitable for Year 1)