Phonics Monitoring & Boost Pack 1

After children have completed Set 6 they are half way through the Expected Sets for the Foundation Stage.

This is a great time to consolidate children’s initial learning with the Phonics Boost Pack 1.

It’s also a good time to update their Monitoring & Progress sheets.

Activities this week include:

  • sounding out the letters they have learned in the context of new words
  • having a go at finding the correct letters to form a Word Line
  • cutting out letters and sticking them to Word Maker sheets
  • having a go at writing some letters and identifying the letters they can read for their personal progress sheets
  • continuing to explore the sounds of spoken language
  • discussing how the words they learn can be used in spoken sentences

Resources you can use for these activities include:

Phonics Boost Pack 1 is also included in the Complete Expected Set.