Phonics Monitoring & Boost Pack 2 (repeat)

After children have completed the Consolidation sets you can repeat the monitoring and initial consolidation that was done after Expected Set 12. This focusses on the letters and sounds introduced to children during the first twelve weeks of their phonics training.

At this stage children should be confidently reading all of the phonemes introduced at the Expected level for the Foundation Stage. They should be readily blending letter sounds into words. They should be happy to attempt to write all of the lowercase letters (and many of their letters should be recognisable).

Based on this you can decide whether to repeat the Expected sets or to move on to the Advanced sets after this week.

Activities this week include:

  • sounding out the letters they have learned in the context of new words
  • having a go at finding the correct letters to form a Word Line
  • cutting out letters and sticking them to Word Maker sheets
  • having a go at writing some letters and identifying the letters they can read for their personal progress sheets
  • discussing how the words they learn can be used in spoken sentences

Resources you can use for these activities include: