Expected Phonics Consolidation Sets 7-10

The consolidation stage includes the final four weeks of consolidation activities featuring the phonemes introduced to children during Expected Sets 1-12.

In Sets 7-10 children are introduced to 15 new words each week (60 in total).

During Consolidation Sets 1-6 children were supported to develop their blending skills. For Consolidation Sets 7-10 children are expected to be readily blending most phonemes at the Expected Level for the Foundation Stage.

These sets introduce children to sentences with the Sentence Line activity. This is a progression from the Word Line activity used in earlier resources and involves children selecting a ‘word card’ and then organising themselves into the order for a sentence. The activity can be used to help children understand the concepts of capitalisation, finger spacing and terminal punctuation.

Consolidation activities include:

  • learning 15 new words each weeks
  • discussing ways of using the new words in spoken language
  • creating sentences with the Sentence Line activity
  • using the Word Maker sheets to stick letters into the correct place and having a go at tracing and writing

Resources you can use for these activities include:

Note that after children complete Consolidation Set 10 it is recommended to revisit Phonics Boost Set 2 and to update their Monitoring & progress sheets. You can then decide whether to repeat some of the Expected Sets or to move children on to the Advanced phonics Sets.