Advanced Set 6: Vowels ow.oa.ew

Introducing vowel sounds: ow as in now, oa as in coat & ew as in grew

This is Set 6 of the Advanced Level for the Foundation Stage. It is also suitable for Year/Grade 1.

The advanced phonics sets introduce new spellings and provide additional consolidation for the letters and sounds taught to children in the Expected Level.


  • Exploration of the sounds including mouth shapes
  • Breakdown of the letter shapes
  • Variations of letter shapes for print and handwriting
  • Examples of words that can be made using only phonemes that have been previously taught
  • Discussion prompts about using those words in spoken sentences
  • Word Line activity
  • Letter Sound and Shape sheets for interventions and support
  • Flashcards with sound symbols
  • Word Maker sheets

Guidance and example planning for using this resource is here.

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