Complete Advanced Phonics

Complete Advanced Phonics for 4-6 year olds

This includes 9 sets of weekly teaching resources and 2 sets of initial consolidation activities (total of 11 weeks activities).

It is suitable for children that have completed the Expected Sets in the Foundation Stage and for children at the beginning of Year/Grade 1.

Each set includes:

  • Exploration of the sounds including mouth shapes
  • Breakdown of the letter shapes
  • Variations of letter shapes for print and handwriting
  • Examples of words that can be made using only phonemes that have been previously taught
  • Discussion prompts about using those words in spoken sentences
  • Word Line activity
  • Letter Sound and Shape sheets for interventions and support
  • Flashcards with sound symbols
  • Word Maker sheets

With Word Wizard Phonics children examine deconstructed letter shapes to help build their muscle memory. They explore sounds, rhythms and patterns of spoken language to build their spoken vocabulary and grammar. Each new letter they are taught is placed in the context of words featuring letters they have previously learned to progressively consolidate their learning.

Guidance and example planning for using every resource in each set is available here.

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