Phonics Refresher Vowels 2: igh, ie, ow, oa

Vowel Revision/Refresher Activities

Ideal revision for children that have completed the Advanced levels at the Foundation Stage and as a refresher for children at the beginning of Year 1/Grade 1.

40 activity pages to revise or refresh the following vowel sounds:

  • igh as in high
  • ie as in pie
  • ow as in snow
  • oa as in coat

Activity pages can be compiled as an individual workbook (perfect for sending home) or print them off for children to select sheets at random to have a go at in the classroom.

Activities include:

  • Trace the sounds and words with the sound
  • Find words with the sound in the word search puzzles
  • How many words can you make using the letters in the spell maker?
  • Use crayons to identify different sounds on the Rainbow sheets
  • Make a word dice and then see which word comes first with the Wizard’s Word Race
  • How many words can you think of with each vowel sound?
  • Draw a picture to match the word
  • Put the words into the relevant magic pot
  • Cut out the words and sort them into the appropriate columns
  • Complete the sentences with the correct word

Also includes a Spelling Wizard certificate

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