Monster Punctuation

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Making punctuation a little less monstrous!

This companion book guides you on a history of punctuation marks throughout the written English language. Ideal for helping teachers, parents and home educators to make sense of why and how we use punctuation in modern writing.

Packed with nerdy titbits to help you become the ultimate Punctuation Monster!

This fully illustrated book includes:

  • Includes a timeline packed with facts about the development of English writing and punctuation
  • A dedicated chapter for each Punctuation Monster including:
    • Full Stop/Period.
    • Question Mark?
    • Exclamation Mark!
    • (Curved Brackets)
    • –Dashes—
    • Semicolon;
    • “Speech Marks”
    • Apostrophe’
    • Colon:
    • Comma,
    • Ellipsis…
    • [Square Brackets]
    • /Slash/

Discover how punctuation marks have been used in the past and developed into modern writing.

Can you spot the hidden punctuation within the illustrations?