Level 1 Sentence Writing: Demarcating Sentences


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Introducing Written Sentences

The Punctuation Monsters help you understand written sentences with easy to understand step-by-step guidance including:

  • the role of space (finger spacing)
  • forming complete sentences (and ordering words within them)
  • using punctuation to mark the beginning and end of sentences
  • and additional guidance for:
    • writing multiple sentences
    • capital letters for the personal pronoun ‘I’
    • capital letters for names
    • capital letters for place names
    • capital letters for days and months

Have a go at forming sentences with the editable challenges including unpunctuated sentences to rewrite.

Complete the 30 page writing workbook featuring sentence writing challenges, cut and paste sentences and draw your own punctuation monsters.

Cut out the Sentence Line sheets, choose a word or punctuation mark and then have a go at organising yourselves into the order of a sentence.

Design your own punctuation monster.

Includes the Level 1 Sentence Writing certificate.

Includes versions for US-English and British-English