Level 3 Sentence Writing: Exclamations!


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Introducing Sentences with Exclamations

The Punctuation Monsters help you learn to write questions with easy to understand step-by-step guidance including:

  • how to write an exclamation mark
  • where to place an exclamation mark
  • using exclamations in sentences to express surprise, strong emotions, pain and amusement
  • writing exclamative sentences (beginning with ‘what’ or ‘how’)
  • using exclamations with statements
  • using exclamations with strong emotions
  • using exclamations with command sentences

Have a go at forming sentences with the editable challenges including unpunctuated sentences to rewrite.

Complete the 20 page writing workbook featuring sentence writing challenges, cut and paste sentences and draw your own punctuation monsters.

Cut out the Sentence Line sheets, choose a word or punctuation mark and then have a go at organising yourselves into the order of a sentence.

Design your own punctuation monster.

Have a go at creating an Exclamation Comic!

Includes the Level 3 Sentence Writing certificate.

Includes versions for US-English and British-English